Product Images:

  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
  • Back view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®
  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
  • Pedalbox, top right
  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
  • Front view of the Powerbox Nitro®, top right
The Nitro Connect system is our feature product combination. Experience top-end power,
Pedalbox with remote control function included – No App or Bluetooth dependency.
Reliable – always ready.

  • up to 30%
    more power
  • up to 30%
    more torque
  • increase fuel economy by up to 5 MPG
  • STM microprocessor
  • Customizable
  • Aluminum casing
  • Plug and play installation
  • Remote control function
  • Available for more than 4000 vehicles



PDF Product Brochure - CPA Connect System

  • Powerbox NitroConnect
    Our patented connect system is unique in the marketplace. Enjoy the benefits of an engine module for more power plus the Pedalbox for a more responsive gas pedal. The Pedalbox remotely controls power output of the engine module.
    No Bluetooth or app required. It just always works.
  • Powerbox NitroBetter performance
    Micro-processor controlled. Faster acceleration and improved engine response.
    The 32-bit processor made by STM is a proven microcontroller for complex tasks. With its fast 72 MHz clock rate it responds quickly to provide increased engine power of up to 25%.
  • Powerbox NitroCustomizable
    Your Powerbox Nitro is already programmed for your vehicle. Power levels can be fine tuned. Our customer support is available for assistance with installation and fine tuning. Maximum power output may vary depending on the engine’s serial tolerance, fuel quality and altitude. To learn more please select your vehicle from our database.
  • Powerbox NitroEco-Tuning
    If your goal is fuel savings the Powerbox Nitro can help with increased economy up to 5 mpg. Upon placing your order let us know via email and we will configure your PowerBox Nitro according to your specifications.
  • Powerbox NitroA reliable high-speed data connection is critical. Your PowerBox Nitro kit includes a custom made automotive plug to ensure safety and optimal performance.
  • Powerbox NitroA sturdy die-cast aluminum casing protects every Powerbox Nitro kit from the elements. Durability and reliability guaranteed in the aluminum housing.

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Eco II


maximum performance increase, low fuel savings


noticeable performance increase, low fuel savings


low performance increase, maximum fuel savings