Pssst – this one is so hot we had to stop advertising it.

CPA now offers a tuning subscription that is revolutionizing the tuning landscape. Our competitors don’t know how to react and hate us for it.

What CPA’s tuning subscription offers in a nutshell:

  1. Instead of buying your Nitro or Connect tuning kit outright, you lease it on a monthly basis.
    Nitro: $29/month (all fees included)
    Nitro Connect (includes Pedalbox): $39/month
  2. We include for free for the duration of using the tuning kit:
    – Warranty on the kit
    – Engine warranty (only CPA offers an engine warranty)
    – Free migrations to new vehicles as you swap them

This is the last tuning you’ll ever need – covered for a lifetime and no risk to you.

How to order:

Send us an email with the vehicle or link to our shop and ask for the tuning subscription. We will set you up in our system and provide instructions to get started.

Due to demand there may be a temporary waitlist for this option as we manufacture more units.