CPA Chiptuning Infographic
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Made In Germany Not always specified
Home Office In Germany Not always specified
Warranty on module/wiring harness Lifetime (included) up to 2 years (for a fee)
Processor 16 Mhz to 80 Mhz 8 Mhz to 64 Mhz
Service & Support 7 days a week. Based in the US Monday through Friday. Overseas
Return policy from receipt of package from shipment of package
Shipping Free UPS 1-2 days Additional shipping > 2 days
Can be migrated to new vehicle Yes & 1 free migration included Some may migrate for a fee. Limited time
Remote control Included for free, Nitro modules only No remote. Some use an app that breaks with smartphone updates and experiences Bluetooth issues
Dyno charts All vehicles/engines Select engines. Some have none at all
Software Updates Yes Not always specified
Can be removed/traceless Yes Not always specified

-Engine warranty provided

-Traceless upon removal. 

-Will not overwrite your vehicle’s original software. 

-Easily installed and uninstalled for service appointments.

-Software is safe from software updates on an external module easily installed within the engine bay. 

-Easily installed by you in mere minutes. 

-Adjustments can be made via rotary dial inside the box.  Nitro modules are equipped with a remote for added ease. 

-All CPA Chiptuning products are engineered, manufactured and dyno tested in Germany, proofed on the Autobahn, and regionally adapted to local market specifications. 

-All CPA Chiptuning software is developed specifically for engine types and models. 

-All OEM plugs, no splicing. 

-CPA Chiptuning engineers have extensive knowledge and real world experience in Engineering, Racing and Tuning. 

-Ideal for leased vehicles.  Traceless and easily uninstalled.